Brand Story


1. What we believe in

We believe in trust, honesty, fairness, and transparency. An organization can be built for a period of 10 years but can be broken in seconds. There are a few rules we live and stand by, Non-negotiable, of course. These rules and policies serve as our fundamental principles that we practice and abide by, in creating a safer every day.

i)  Code of Conduct

Legal compliance, safety, security, and service standards we expect of our partners.

ii) Data Privacy

We promise to keep your personal data and information safe and secure.

iii) Terms and Conditions

Conditions that apply to any usage of the service

2. What we do

Innovate, innovate, innovate. Life is ever-changing, so we always make sure that we’re on our toes. We believe in prevention, protection, and action, and we’re constantly and proactively building new trust and safety features and programmes to fulfill those requirements.

i) Account Verification

Our system is programmed to detect any anomaly in your login activity. To reduce the accidental or intentional take-over of your account, we perform additional security checks to verify that it is indeed you who is attempting to sign in to your account.

ii) Prevention of Illegal Activity

Our security features help to prevent and block the usage and circulation of illegal apps and suspicious devices or accounts, commonly used for fraud and attacks on our users’ accounts.

iii) Vendor Security Programme

We work with many 3rd party vendors and at times, need to share our data with them. To prevent your personal data from being abused or mismanaged, we developed a programme that helps us screen for any issues that may compromise your data security and privacy.

iv) Selfie Authentication (coming soon it’s under development)

Using fingerprint or facial recognition, users must authenticate and verify their identity to ensure that they match their profile in the app.

3. Why Anti-Fraud Technology is the secret?

Fraud is hardly a new phenomenon, but with the rise of the digital economy, it has taken different and aggressive forms. Our mobile phones have increasingly become ‘remotes’ for our lives, enabling us to handle many of our everyday needs, such as messaging, banking, and shopping. Over the last decade, novel ways to exploit technology have appeared, from click farms to fake credit card transactions. As a result, millions of people have been impacted and millions of Rands in revenue have gone lost.

i) Data Security Frameworks

Our app and backend systems employ best-in-class security frameworks to better protect our users’ accounts, wallets,s, and private information.

ii) Action

iii) 24/7 Customer Service

Should you require any assistance, our customer support team is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

iv) Monitoring & Incident Investigation

A dedicated team works round-the-clock to investigate and maintain the quality of our service.