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We provide Restaurants/Retail Stores to use our Platform for free for 30 days as a trial, if you’re satisfied with our Platform you start can partnering with us. 


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Mzansi Food is passionate about food and bringing people even more choice. There are amazing restaurants everywhere that we believe everyone should have access to. Mzansi Food’s mission is not only to make sure that the restaurants in your area are available to you when and where you want them – we want to go further and bring new restaurants to your area so you have even more choice of amazing food.


Mzansi Food’s platform is helping restaurants expand to new areas and maximise profit by getting more customer base. We identify the cuisines that people want but do not have access to locally and then invests in restaurants who excel in those foods to help them set-up in those local areas. Mzansi Food provides restaurants with data insights so that they know which cuisines will be popular in specific local areas – meaning restaurants grow faster and customers have wider choices. Whether it is a local restaurant looking to expand, street food entrepreneurs seeking new customers, or a restaurant wanting to launch a new menu, the platform is designed to support innovation. All this is what lies behind Mzansi Food’s mission to bring customers a whole world of restaurant-quality food. Every consumer’s version of amazing is different, and our job is to ensure that they enjoy what they want, when they want it, where they want it.




We make use of smart technology to ensure that customers get their food faster within time period, and with ease to their homes or workplaces. Become our partner to reach as many hungry customers. we understand the urgency for you to get your business online so you can continue reaching customers, with minimal interruptions.


How Does Mzansi Food Work for Restaurants?

Restaurant managers have many questions to ask when partnering with a technology platform like Mzansi Food — from updating your menus, to uploading food photos and etc. But the choice that likely has the biggest impact on the day-to-day Mzansi Food delivery process is the order management protocol — that is, how restaurants receive Mzansi Food orders.

Here, we’ll explore the journey of a Mzansi Food order to highlight how Mzansi Food works for restaurants. 

How do customers place Mzansi Food orders?

When hungry customers are ready to place a delivery order, they can browse Restaurants on Mzansi Food website  or the Mzansi Food App. Customers can search for their favourite Restaurants, or filter Restaurants by cuisine, location, delivery times, promotions and more. Customers enjoy the ease and convenience of browsing thousands of restaurants in a single app, as well as the ability to track their deliveries and get Restaurant-quality food without leaving their couches.

Once the customer chooses a Restaurant, they place their order, pay for it right in the app and receive an estimated delivery time. That’s when Restaurants receive the order via their chosen order protocol.

How do restaurants receive Mzansi Food orders?

The order protocol is the way that Restaurants receive orders from a technology partner like Mzansi Food. Restaurants can choose to receive orders on the device of their choice to maximize their profitable efficiency. At Mzansi Food, Restaurants have four options for their order protocol:

Option 1: Use a Tablet/Laptop/Desktop or Smart Phone

If you have your own Tablet/Laptop/Desktop or Smart Phone, you can register with us and login on the Merchant Manager Application — our all-in-one tool for receiving, organizing, and tracking pickup and delivery orders. Mzansi Food can also provide a tablet for you for a small weekly fee. Just order it by

With the Merchant Manager Application , Restaurant managers can adjust prices and menu items in real time, including deactivating (and reactivating) specific items that are out of stock. The Merchant Manager Application  also helps Restaurant managers coordinate with Delivery Drivers, prepare for large orders, and contact both the customer and Mzansi Food support via chat communication system.

Be sure your Tablet/Laptop/Desktop or Smart Phone is on loud and the Tablet/Laptop/Desktop or Smart Phone is placed somewhere that is easily accessible by your staff. When a customer places a Mzansi Food order, you will receive a notification on the Merchant Manager Application  allowing you to quickly and efficiently process orders.





How much does using a tablet cost? 

Restaurants can choose to download the Order Manager app on their own Android tablet, or use a Mzansi Food tablet with the Order Manager app pre-installed for free for 30 days, then for $6 per week (to cover device insurance and cell service).

For an additional $3.15 per week, you can also add a Mzansi Food printer to have Mzansi Food orders sent directly to your kitchen.


Why we recommend the tablet 

Mzansi Food highly recommends the tablet order protocol option to help maximize efficiency and streamline delivery operations. With the tablet and Order Manager app, restaurants can view which orders are in each prep stage, tag scheduled or large orders, and get a large map with clear Dasher location information.

Option 2: Use the Mzansi Food Mobile App Merchant Manager

Another great option to maximize your efficiency is to integrate Mzansi Food with your Point of Sale (POS) system. Mzansi Food integrates with leading POS and technology systems, including Square, Shift4, Deliverect, ItsaCheckmate, Redcat and many more. This allows you to receive Mzansi Food orders directly to your POS system and then straight to your kitchen, which reduces the risk of human error.

If you are interested in integrating your POS system with Mzansi Food, please reach out to your account manager. Mzansi Food also has an open API that is used by additional technology providers, so if you’re interested in partnering with Mzansi Food and would like to see whether your POS system is eligible, we’d love to hear from you.

Option 3: Receive Mzansi Food orders via email

Restaurant owners can also choose to have all of their Mzansi Food orders emailed to them. This option includes a follow-up confirmation call so you don’t miss any orders. We recommend you only choose this option (which is free for restaurants) if you keep a computer near your register.

Option 4: Receive Mzansi Food orders by fax

Finally, restaurants can choose to receive Mzansi Food orders by fax, which also includes a follow-up confirmation call. This option is free and is best for merchants who already own (and regularly use) a working fax machine.

Quick tips for successful delivery operations

  • Ensure your food items travel well

To increase the efficiency of your takeout operations, create a streamlined menu featuring a few key items. While you want to include your popular items, prioritize food that will not be a soggy mess by the time it arrives at the customer’s place. Take steps to ensure your food travels well, such as packaging sauces separately, placing hot and cold items in separate bags, and piercing hot food containers for ventilation. Delivery Drivers will deliver your food with care in insulated food delivery bags that maintain both hot and cold food temperatures.

  • Optimize your menu for profitability

Update your menu to focus on higher-margin items, best-sellers and dishes that can be prepped in advance to ensure an efficient and profitable off-premise operation. You can also encourage upsells by offering add-ons such as protein to toppings to salads, bowls, burgers, and more.

  • Keep a close eye on incoming orders

You need to have staff members that monitors and accepts incoming orders from customers. That way, they can make sure new orders are quickly accepted and sent to your kitchen for preparation.

  • Explore Mzansi Food promotions and products

When you join the Mzansi Food marketplace, you get access to a range of marketing promotions to take your off-premise business to the next level. Our most popular products helps you attract new customers with free delivery on their first order. With Order Again and Save, you can offer discounts to loyal regular customers.

Once the item is ready to be delivered, select a spot in your restaurant where Delivery Driver can quickly pick up orders without disrupting operations. The Mzansi Food platform enables you to track orders in real time, so you’ll know exactly when they’re delivered to happy customers.

Delivery, simplified

You don’t need a complete overhaul of your restaurant when it comes to delivery — that’s why Mzansi Food offers a variety of protocols to seamlessly integrate with the technology, supplies, and staff you already have. If you’ve been waiting to get on board, now is the time to try out Mzansi Food and see its positive impact on your business.

Ready to become a Mzansi Food Merchant Partner?



Market your restaurant online. Customers are ordering online now more than ever – be where they are. Mzansi Food is a leading online food ordering system, developed to work for restaurants



Online orders are typically between 10% and 30% larger than phone orders. It is a widely reported statistic from businesses with Mzansi Food.




Online orders are significantly larger by up to 20% compared to telephone orders, and your repeat business will increase dramatically because a happy customer is a loyal one.


Make the most of the Mzansi Food Marketplace with Promotions like “First Order, Free Delivery” and “Order again and Save” that improve your placement, lower delivery fees and attract first-time customers.










Why be a Restaurant Partner/ Merchant Partner with Mzansi Food?




1.   Market to our customers.

Grow your business by tapping on our marketing channels to reach millions of hungry Mzansi Food customers.



2.   No extra staff.

With the largest delivery fleet in South Africa, we get our own delivery services.



3.   Keep them coming back.

Reward and retain your customers by leveraging on the Mzansi Food Rewards loyalty programme.



4.   Know your customers.

Get access to tools that help you track, analyse and improve your business online.








Let us help you move your business into the digital space, in as little as  24 hours.




Grow your sales

Add an additional revenue stream to your business with Mzansi Food


Reach new customers

Go beyond dine-in to reach new demographics in your area.


Get online

Boost SEO and drive awareness by featuring your restaurant on the Mzansi Food App and Website.



Choose the Mzansi Food Marketplace products that best fit your needs


1.  Delivery

Customers place orders via the Mzansi Food app or website, and we connect them with Dashers to fulfil deliveries.



2.  Pickup / Collection

Help new customers nearby order ahead, avoid the line, and pick up their orders at your restaurant, conveniently and contactless.



3.  Self-Delivery

Have your own delivery fleet? With Self-Delivery, you can reach Mzansi Food customers at lower cost by listing your business on Mzansi Food by fulfilling deliveries in-house. Create more demand without changing your operations.



4.  Dine in

Have your own delivery fleet? With Self-Delivery, you can reach Mzansi Food customers at lower cost by listing your business on Mzansi Food by fulfilling deliveries in-house. Create more demand without changing your operations.







Grow demand

Increase your takeout sales and reach new customers in your area by listing your restaurant on the Mzansi Food platform.

Use your own fleet

Fully control the delivery process — use your own drivers, choose a delivery radius, and set delivery fees.

Access a lower commission rate for fulfilling deliveries in-house and collect the order value plus taxes, delivery fees, and tips.


Tap into the Mzansi Food customer base at a lower cost


Fulfil your own deliveries

Your own drivers fulfil orders, so there’s no need to partner with Dashers. Plus, you’re in control of delivery fees and zones.

Reach new customers at a lower cost

Self-Delivery partners enjoy the marketing and sales benefits of the Mzansi Food platform plus a lower commission than Marketplace orders.

Get started quickly for free

Fill out this form – no need to chat with us – and you’ll be able to start accepting orders within two weeks.

Sign up for Mzansi Food

Tell us basic information about your business and delivery fleet.

Start receiving orders

Once your account is activated, Mzansi Food customers can browse your menu and place orders.


Deliver to customers

Your restaurant prepares incremental Mzansi Food orders and delivers them to customers


Reach Mzansi Food customers with your own drivers

An insider’s guide to Mzansi Food for restaurants and stores



There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for building off-premise operations — that’s why Mzansi Food offers a variety of products to fit your needs. In fact, 75% of restaurants agree that Mzansi Food has allowed them to reach new customers.

In this free guide, you’ll learn how Mzansi Food’s merchant products can help your business:

  • Marketplace: Drive incremental sales with delivery and pickup.
  • Self-Delivery: Reach Mzansi Food customers while fulfilling deliveries in-house.
  • Storefront: Enable commission-free online ordering on your own website.
  • Drive: Get white-label delivery drivers and powerful logistics technology.
  • Catering & Group Orders: Reach corporate catering customers.
  • DashMart: Add new revenue streams with retail sales.
  • And more!  


Get actionable analytics with the Merchant Portal

Track your business performance, get actionable insights, and make adjustments directly on the platform.


Analyse your dashboard

View key data points like net sales, average order size, unique customers, and most popular items.

Get customer feedback

View customer ratings and reviews. Take action by responding to customers directly and quickly mitigating any issues.

Grow your sales

Launch marketing campaigns to boost your sales and utilize additional products to help you grow your business.

Get the analytics you need to grow your business


Track your sales

Understand trends and track your business performance by week, month, or quarter. Get detailed insights on tax, commission, and net pay-outs on each other.

Adjust your menu

Easily add or remove items, update prices, and change menu categories in real-time.

Benchmark key metrics

View a dashboard of your overall success across locations, including total sales with DoorDash, average order size, most popular items, new and repeat customers, and more.

How does the Merchant Portal work?

Get started in three easy steps.

Sign up for Mzansi Food                            Start receiving orders.                          Track your performance

Once your account is activated, customers can browse your menu and place orders.    Tell us basic information about your restaurant and upload your menu.    Use the merchant portal to monitor trends and make real-time adjustments to your business.

How to Increase Restaurant Sales




Analyse your menu profitability

Restaurant owners can increase revenue through menu engineering — a strategy to analyse the profitability and popularity of menu items. Start by breaking down costs for your dishes, including all ingredients, to determine the exact cost of each menu item (not including labour). Then, categorize menu items by profit and popularity levels to understand which items you should remove or give extra attention to, and adjust your offerings accordingly. Finally, redesign your menu with these insights in mind, using visual cues and compelling descriptions to highlight the most profitable and popular items that will increase your restaurant sales.


Focus on search engine optimization

77% of diners are likely to visit a restaurant’s website before choosing to eat there. Your website is one of your best marketing tools — but it only works if people can find it while searching online. By focusing on a few basic search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, you can increase your chances of appearing in Google search results.

Make sure your website is easy to navigate and mobile-friendly and your Google My Business profile is up-to-date, since inaccurate information can be a turn-off for potential guests. Use Google Keyword Planner or other SEO tools to find the most relevant keywords to your business (e.g., “BBQ restaurants near Houston”), then add those keywords throughout your website and online content. The easier it is for people to find you, the more new customers you can attract. Check out more SEO tips for restaurants here.

Offer online delivery

Now more than ever, offering delivery is a great way to increase restaurant sales. In the same Technomic report, 74% of operators said their revenue has increased because of Mzansi Food since COVID-19. Delivery was already a growing trend before this year, and the pandemic has only accelerated it.

Partnering with a technology platform like Mzansi Food can help restaurants reach a whole different demographic — in fact, three out of four restaurants agree that Mzansi Food has allowed them to reach new customers. Take advantage of DoorDash’s massive online reach and become a partner today.

Adjust your menu to consumer trends

As customer needs and preferences evolve, make sure you adapt to offer what they want. For example, 70% of restaurant guests today are looking for healthy options. You can also appeal to conscientious consumers by offering dishes made with organic and locally sourced ingredients.

And as people continue to stay home, restaurants are offering meal kits or family-style meals that can be delivered and heated up later. These larger portions will boost your margins while making it easier for families to share a restaurant-quality meal together.

Boost your social media presence

Social media enables restaurants and customers alike to share mouth-watering food photos that increase sales — in fact, #food is one of the top 50 most-used hashtags on Instagram. Capitalize on this virality by posting high-quality photos of your signature dishes, new menu additions, or items that could use a little extra attention.

Other content ideas include news announcements, such as updated operating hours, a new chef, or an upcoming event. And if you’re on DoorDash, post about it on social media! You might reach customers who are thinking about their next meal, helping to boost your delivery and pickup sales.

Set up online ordering

Consumers today expect an Amazon-like experience from restaurants — and a seamless online ordering experience will keep them coming back. Not only does online ordering free up your staff from taking phone orders, but it helps you increase restaurant sales in a cost-effective way.

You can set up your own ordering platform on your website in-house, or partner with a third party Mzansi Food now offers Storefront, which provides restaurants with branded online stores to enable pickup and delivery directly from your website, commission-free.

Find upsell opportunities

Whether you’re catering to dine-in customers or fulfilling online orders, give customers the chance to upgrade. Coach your staff on upselling best practices so they can gracefully increase your restaurant sales. For example, when asked for recommendations, your servers can suggest items with higher profit margins or can highlight their own preferences by saying, “Can I offer you dessert tonight? Our crème brûlée is my personal favourite.”

When Mzansi Food customers are finalizing their orders, our app automatically suggests additional sides and beverages in a “People also ordered” carousel, which is a simple way to increase the overall order size. We recommend including photos for all menu items, which increases add-on conversion by up to 19%.

Every restaurant is unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to increase restaurant sales. That’s why Mzansi Food offers a wide range of products to fit your needs, including delivery and pickup, white-label fulfilment, group ordering, online ordering, and more.

Ready to increase your restaurant sales with Mzansi Food?




Get commission-free online ordering with Storefront

Easily create a branded online store to enable pickup and delivery ordering directly from your own website, commission-free.








Simplify online ordering

Setup Storefront in minutes to provide a seamless online ordering experience customers expect.






Highlight your brand

Drive brand loyalty for your restaurant with the ability to customize the look and feel of your Storefront website.


Always commission-free

Enjoy 0% commission on orders, always. For Merchants with five locations or less, software fees are waived through July 31, 2021. After that, pay a fixed monthly subscription fee.


Leverage Mzansi Food’s industry-leading online ordering system with your branding





Designed to drive sales

Storefront is built to help you drive higher ticket prices with on-page checkout, recommended extras, and rich menu photos and descriptions.

Setup is a snap

Orders route like exactly Mzansi Food orders, so you don’t need to train your staff on a new piece of software.

Build a branded online ordering platform

Customize your Storefront site with your logo and colour scheme, while importing the menu from your Mzansi Food listing to create an easy-to-use ordering experience.

Enable pickup and delivery orders from your website

Add your Storefront link to your website and receive commission-free orders for pickup or to be delivered by Dashers.

Track your sales performance

Receive payments on the same schedule as your current Mzansi Food plan and view sales reporting in the Merchant Portal.



How Storefront works


Sign up for Mzansi Food

Restaurants must become a Mzansi Food Marketplace partner before signing up for Storefront.


Customize your Storefront

Add your logo and choose colours to keep your ordering platform on-brand.


Receive online orders

Publish your Storefront and accept orders for pickup or delivery by Mzansi Food Delivery Drivers.